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My name is Andy Hough and I bought Investorz Blog in December 2011. I also own several other personal finance blogs including the popular frugality blog Tight Fisted Miser. I’m a married,mid 40s, attorney and aspiring writer who currently makes the bulk of his income online.

If you’re interested in advertising on this site contact tfmadvertisements@gmail.com. If you want to contact me for anything else I’m TightFistedMiser on gmail.

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  1. Hi Tony,

    My name is Sean. I spent some time on your site and read several of your posts. I must say you have some interesting thoughts, especially your article on Warren Buffett. I’m not offended, and I do not think everything you say was totally false, but you seemed to be very biased towards him. 🙂

    In response to “Warren Buffett – the Greatest PR Machine of American History”
    I would not necessarily called that insider trading, unless he got an answer from the government that they would bail out GS or BAC. It’s probably a good guess, some people I know have guessed the same thing.

    In response to you “100 cash position and waiting for a drop”
    I am also waiting for a big drop. There are so many problems still looming around, high unemployement, euro problems, dollar problems, etc. I’m not sure why the market reacted so positively to Bernanke’s speech? All he said was that US will be growing in the long term. There was no substance to it. I suspect that the market is taking advantage of the low volume to go up before falling hard again.

    Guest Post
    I’d like to invite you to do a guest article on investing on my site, Growing Money (http://www.growingmoneyblog.com)

    Like yourself, I also own an investing blog and do a lot of investing/trading on my own. I’d like to discuss more ideas with you.


    1. I believe the markets thought bernake would initiate QE3 on that speech.

      As to the guest post, I’m a little busy for the month of September (equities action), so I probably won’t be able to. Sorry. 🙁

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