American Democracy – Left for Dead

When the United States of America was founded on July 4, 1776, all the European nations predicted that the American democractic political system would be a failed experiment. And for 85 years, those naysayers were proved wrong. Then came the outbreak of the Civil War, and once again, the critics came out saying the democracy doesn’t work, just look at the war they’re having in the U.S. But when the war ended, the critics were proved wrong.

Democracy is was supposed to be about the will of the PEOPLE, not some Fortune 500 CEO. Like they say “when it leaks, it pours.” This “Great Recession” has exposed the real dark side of democracy: money talks.

50 years ago, people would have been outraged if their government had $15 trillion in debt. 40 years ago, Americans would have protested en masse if their government was involved in a massive foreign war. 50 years ago, Americans would have fought for what they believed was right. But times are a-changing……

So what’s changed?? Capitalism and democracy was initially a wonderful idea. The focus of the country was to be on business. Successful economy = happy people = happy lives = happy voters. It didn’t matter if you were Muslim, or Christian, or beileved in a conservative government, or a liberal government. All that mattered was – is the economy humming along nicely. If politicians instigated the right policies, businesses and the economy would flourish.  If businesses were successful, the profits would trickle down to the masses. Prosperity everywhere.

But that was until globalization reared it’s ugly head (especially with the advent of the internet), and Americans came to realize that not everyone had the same interests. Big Business came to the realization that their interests weren’t really aligned with those of their employees (a.k.a the average Joe). They could ship jobs off the Asia, drastically cut back on employee costs, and still make a huge profit! Who cares if we’re not paying the employee enough money so that they can go out and spend to their heart’s content. Hell, we can hire employees for 90 cents an hour in Africa, and we’ve got a huge growing market in China! Yessireee. Profits everywhere! So why should I care for the welfare of America!?!?!

Like I’ve said, money talks. It really does. Lobbying is just a fancy word for bribes. So why bother going behind the public’s back and secretly buy Congressmens’ votes? Why not simply sell votes to the highest bidder on eBay, or if they’re in need of some quick cash, why don’t the Congressmen start selling votes on Oh, I forgot. That would be too obvious. We can’t let the public know that. We can’t let the public know that our politicians are incompetent. We have to keep teaching kids in school how great our country is, when in reality, we’re lagging  behind others. We need to give them the false notion that going to school, finding a job, and retiring when you’re 65 is the real meaning of life. After all, if we don’t, where will Big Business find American workers to take advantage of? Businesses (and the government, who’s in cahoots with the wealthy) NEED to keep feeding you these lies. Business profits completely depends on paying workers less than what they’re actually worth.

And of course, how can we forget about the “do this, or I’ll fire your asses” phrase? The rich need carrots as incentives, and the middle class citizen needs the threat of a stick.

Americans have come to accept the slow death of democracy. To shrink things to a child’s level, this is basically the story of the bully, and the little kid that always gets beat up. On one hand, you have Big Business, who’s constantly bullying the average American. And because the average American is too afraid to fight back, it slowly gives concessions, hoping that things won’t get worse. But things WILL get worse. Bullies love to target soft people. This reminds me so much of China in the 19th century. You have the western nations constantly bullying China, forcing it to give concessions, and the Chinese government, being so weak, agreed to every one of them because “we love peace”.

I read an article today about some American who lived abroad for 10 years, and recently came back. He honestly couldn’t recognize the country he was once proud of. So are you proud of what the U.S. has become? Democracy being controlled by big money? One dollar, one vote?

To give you a further sense of how little left of democracy is, just watch the following video. I’m pretty sure the policy aren’t allow to pepper-spray people like that!

9 thoughts on “American Democracy – Left for Dead”

  1. The free market is the cornerstone of civilization, but it has to be underpinned by voluntary cooperation. Trade between people makes them better off, so I have nothing against globalization. I think it’s great that countries such as China have been able to greatly increase their standards of living from the low points of the 50s and 60s.

    It doesn’t mean that it’s all been fair. People always want special advantages and more power, and things start to go downhill when you have shady deals and an unholy alliance between big businesses and government. You no longer have an equal and level playing field for all, and you no longer have real capitalism; instead, you have crony capitalism. The further we go down this road, the worse it will be for all except a very privileged few.

  2. We’ve been through worse times as your post points out. We’ve come out of those and we’ll come out of this. Capitalism depends on “creative destruction” and globalization is part of that. On balance it is very positive for all. The standard of living for the 99% ( most of whom live outside the US if you think globally) is far better today than it was due in large part to globalization.

  3. Today is a good example of people in government not cooperating to solve our country’s problems. Without taking sides, there are solutions, but politics got in the way.

    1. According the the 99%, it’s a bad thing. But that’s because they can’t remain competitive – you can’t depend on a labour manufacturing job for your life.

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