Biggest & Largest Hedge Funds in 2011

Here’s the biggest & largest hedge funds (capital size) for 2011. They are ranked according to the amount of capital they have in management.

  1. Bridgewater Associates. Under $94 billion in management. World’s biggest hedge fund in 2011!
  2. J.P. Morgan Asset Management. $54.2 billion under management. World’s second largest hedgefund in 2011!
  3. Man Investments. $40.6 billion.
  4. Paulson & Co. $35.8 billion. Run by the famous John Paulson!
  5. Breven Howard. $32 billion.
  6. Soros Fund Management. $27.9 billion. George Soros is no longer at the controls of the day to day operations.
  7. Och-Ziff Capital Management. $27.6 billion. Anyone heard of this big hedge fund?
  8. Black Rock. $25 billion under management
  9. BlueCrest Capital Management – $24.5 billion.
  10. Angelo, Gordon, & Co – $23.6 billion. 10th biggest hedge fund in 2011!

The important thing to remember here is that the largest hedge funds in 2010 got even larger  and bigger in 2011. Maybe the big hedge fund investors are now all running away from the smaller funds and into the biggest hedge funds because they are deemed as safer than the lesser known more “riskier” funds. Note: this list of Biggest Hedge Funds in 2011 does not include mutual funds.