My Monthly Blog Report – October 2011

Another month already. Wow. How time flies by. It’s been a crazy month, not really for my investment portfolio, but for my blog and personal life. I’ll get into more detail about that later in this blog post. But first, I want to show you some statistics.

Traffic stats.

  •  73 Facebook fans.
  • 66 Twitter followers.
  • 57 RSS subscribers.

Ad revenue from October 1 – October 31.


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My Monthly Report- September 2011

Another month has passed. Wow. That was fast. This has been somewhat of a crazy month for my investments (it’s September, the markets come to life again!), hence aside from writing more posts, I didn’t really get the chance to work on anything else related to blogging such as SEO or design. That’s why I hired a few freelancers on to create a new logo and work on SEO for me.


As you can see, my traffic fell over a cliff from last month’s, but it’s still up there!

What’s new about Investorz’ Blog.

We got a new WordPress Theme! I really like my old one, because the design was really decent, but more so it was really easy to use. If you miss the old design, I captured a screen shot of it before I switched to the new theme. Click here. The new theme is Standard, and what I like about it is that there’s more customization choices, but the design that comes prepackaged is really nice and easy to use. There are options to customize Standard, but I’ll probably hire a professional to do that for me in the future.

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My Monthly Report – August 2011

A lot of other blog’s write a monthly report detailing what happened to their blog over the past month. But the problems with all these other reports is that they only reveal numbers (e.g. stats, revenue, etc). In this monthly report of the Investorz’ Blog, I plan on revealing more. I will reveal to you, my loyal blog reader, all the inner workings of the Investorz’ Blog and what’s happening behind the scenes.


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My goals – Yakezie

Hi there! I’ve recently joined the Yakezie challenge, and here are my goals that I want to accomplish on this blog by the end of 2011.

  • Alexa rank below 100,000 – Achieved
  • 100 feedburner readers.
  • 100 facebook fangs
  • Make over $1000 from this blog and plow the money all back into my investments – Achieved
  • Most of all, to help all of you readers on this blog with some sound investment advice!
Below is a list of all members and challengers of Yakezie. I’ll update this list every once in a while.
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