The Millionaire Fastlane Giveaway!

Hey there everyone! I recently shot MJ DeMarco an email asking about some personal stuff, and not only did he reply, but also agreed to give away 3 copies of his bestselling book for free, to my readers! In case you don’t know who he is, or what his book is about, click here, or look below at the screenshot.

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Yakezie Holiday Badge Contest

The holiday season’s fast approaching!

As you probably know, this blog is a part of the Yakezie network, which is a network of personal finance blogs. I love being a part of the community! So I recently started a thread at Yakezie forums asking if they wanted to do a holiday contest (for Christmas), where Yakezie members would select the best looking (design-wise) Yakezie blog. Eventually, Aaron Hung and LaTisha came up with an even better and simpler idea: we should have a Yakezie holiday badge contest. After all, we’re fast approaching the holiday season! So in case you don’t know what  a Yakezie badge is, simply look at a few examples below. For the full list of current Yakezie badges, click here.

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To save our Ailing Economy – Build Infrastructure?

Ok. So maybe repairing our decaying infrastructure isn’t the best thing to do. Or maybe it is. But it’s certainly better than spending billions on fighter planes and giving tax benefits to bankers (who end up destroying the economy). Over the past few years, we’ve seen the TARP and all these other American recovery programs. Funny thing is, I don’t see any difference. All these TARP programs did was temporarily bail us out (actually, they didn’t bail us out. They bailed out those who don’t deserve help a.k.a bankers). Cash for clunkers. Mortgage assistance. All these things did was to temporarily make the whole picture look nice and rosy. The instant the program ends, everything heads south.

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Online Version: When Genius Failed

My friend John Tate over at digitized the book When Genius Failed. He agreed to allow me to sponsor his efforts (for $80), and in return, I get to share this online books with my blog readers, for free! Here is a summary of the book. Alternatively, go to the bottom of this post to read the digital version of this book right now, for free.

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Sometimes, Being Yourself Isn’t Good Enough

This is an issue that I’m still struggling with. I’m sure everyone will at one point in their life struggle with this, because there are always times when we start believing that being ourselves isn’t good enough. Ever since we were young, adults would tell us to be ourselves. “Just be yourself, and everything will be ok.”

But will everything be ok? Not always. There are two scenarios: one where you need to be yourself, and one where you need to fight against yourself.

When to be yourself.

Remember in high school, when the popular guys would be the ones that spent all their time on dates, listening to concerts, going to the movies, and doing all the “cool” stuff?

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New Design

Please be patient with us right now. We’re updating the design and look of Investorz’ Blog. New theme, new logo, and that’s pretty much it. Hope you enjoy the new design! The theme is almost finished, and the new logo already has (plus favicon).

 So what do you think? Do you like the new look, or the old one?

The Real Estate Cycle in China and the U.S.

Wow. The recent version of GMO’s Insight’s are quite amazing. GMO is run by legendary investor Jeremy Grantham, and his latest insights  on the real estate markets in China and the U.S. are definitely worth a read. He goes over the major underlying factors that determine housing prices, and also provides an analysis on the current housing situations in these two countries. I downloaded the document for you, so enjoy reading!

Real estate cycle in China and the U.S.

So do you agree with his view on the real estate markets?


Funny Search Suggestions on Google

Instead of a usual post about investing, here’s something to make you laugh. Who would have known that many people search for the most bizarre, funniest things on the one and only search engine: Google?! Without further ado, here are some of the weirdest (and albeit funniest) search suggestions on

If you’re spouse is that bad….

Wait a second. How do you know that you’re dead?

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Betterment Review

The following is a sponsored review. The opinions presented below are what I truly believe in.

Have you ever heard of Betterment? Betterment is an online investment account that easily enables you to diversify your portfolio in the right, profitable way. Right now, they’re offering a $25 bonus for any initial deposit of $250 or more. You can apply for an account at

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Problems in America

So as of today, America is 235 years and 8 days old. And guess what? America’s on the decline; not because of the small problems but because the fundamental problems in America are getting worse and worse. Compared to some countries in Asia and Europe, the United States is nothing but a kid in kindergarten; and we’re already on the decline???? To paraphrase a line from the song We Are One – Lion King (listen to it on youtube!) “As you go through life you’ll see, there is so much that we, don’t understand. And the only thing we know, is things don’t always go, the way we planned.” So you probably don’t want to listen to this lecture, but it’s time America began knowing its place in this world and growing up.

Loving the ‘isms’: Every couple of years America gets itself heads over heals in love with some sort of “ism”. And after a while, the affair ends. What a waste of time. It’s like a teenager who becomes infatuated with every hot girl in school. Eventually, he wastes a lot of his teenage years in pointless love, and doesn’t find true love.

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