Home Improvements on a Budget

Improving your home doesn’t have to be costly if you know the right way to go about it – there are plenty of ways to revamp a property without splashing too much cash. What’s more, the results can add value to your home (often one of the biggest investments you have) that’s well in excess of the amount you spent. Before undertaking any major project, however, contact www.castlecover.co.uk or whoever provides your home insurance: they will need to know if you’re adding an extension or conservatory, and your policy may be invalidated if you don’t.

Insulation is one of the best ways to improve your house on a budget. Lining the loft with mineral wool sheeting usually costs between £50 and £300, but you’ll soon notice the savings on your energy bills and good insulation can be a major selling point when you put the property on the market. Compare the prices offered by major DIY stores or see if local providers will cut you a deal – many will be happy to drop their prices a little if it guarantees your custom.

Another low-cost way to spruce up your house is to repaint walls and cabinets. White paint is cheap, easily available and goes with everything, so just sand down the surfaces and give them a once-over with the brush. Alternatively, give a room a distinctive look by painting a single feature wall, choosing a colour that contrasts with the others.

For bigger projects, such as extensions, you will naturally have to pay more – but the added value can make it worthwhile, particularly if it significantly increases the property’s floor space. Planning is the key to a successful extension: spend plenty of time working out costings, looking around for the cheapest quotes from handymen, and rent rather than buy tools if you’ll only need them for a day or two.

Builder’s merchants will often have excess stock that can be picked up at a discount, so try to source your materials from these. If your neighbours are having similar work done, see if they want to share the cost of tools, materials and labour: this is an oft-overlooked tactic that can really drive down the cost of a larger project.

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  1. My neighbor and I decided to go in on some tools and work on a project to redirect the water away from our lawns. During big rainstorms we both have ponds in our backyard because the way it slopes. We are planning on doing it this summer. Saves money on the tools and hiring the job as well.

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