IRS New Simplified Home Office Deduction

The tax season has ended for most people. The returns have been spent, and the individuals have gone back to their lives. they may be earning enough for the next year, or they may simply be oblivious to the entire process.  A taxpayer who works out of his home office may want to have the process of making a home office deduction made easier.  If he missed the opportunity this year, he can use the simplified home office deduction.

If someone has not taken the simplified home office deduction yet, he may want to take a few minutes and learn what it is.  It is a simple idea. Someone who conducts business out of his home needs to find any way to save money he can. this deduction is a great way for someone who works at home to get additional money back on his tax return. Something that is more likely to happen is that the person will get his tax debt reduced. The Internal Revenue Service cannot do much about the overly complicated tax code, but politicians can give people breaks. This simple tax write-off is one of the many breaks a person can take.

If someone does not know what he needs to do to take it, he can ask his tax adviser.  These professionals can help someone avoid the pitfalls that are found in this area of law, but they are not necessary for most people. Most websites can calculate the deduction, as long as they know the amount of home office space that is used.  If someone has made it this far and has not realized that this is for people who have a home office. The average American factory worker cannot take it, unless he lives in the same factory in which he works.

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  1. Even though this take break has been simplified from an accounting perspective a couple points should be kept in mind. First, the office must be used regularly and exclusively as a home office. This and the other parts of this test may be harder to meet than most people realize. Secondly, these new rules limit the deduction to $1,500 with the trade off that record keeping is relaxed. Third, remember that claiming the home office is usually an IRS audit trigger. For those readers interest in more of the tax rules please go to

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