My Dividend Stock Portfolio

These are the dividend stocks I currently own. I plan on adding a few more for a total of 15-20 stocks which I believe is enough to be reasonably diversified.

Atlantic Power – This is a utility stock that pays a nice dividend.

Consolidated Edison – This is my other utility stock. I bought this one back in 2008 so I’ve had a nice bit of appreciation as well.

GGN – This is a play on gold and natural resources. I think natural resources will go way up in the next few years. In the meantime I get to collect a nice dividend.

Great Southern Bank – I bought shares of this bank back in 2008 during the financial crisis because I thought the shares were being undervalued. This bank didn’t have near the risky mortgage exposure of other banks. I bought at $9 and the stock went over $20. I sold half the stock and am taking a “free ride” on the rest.

Coca-Cola – They pay a reliable dividend and slowly increase it. This stock is a dividend aristocrat, meaning it has increased the annual dividend consistently for 25 years consecutively. This gets me some international exposure as well.

McDonalds – Since I eat there too often I might as well get some money from them. They are a dividend aristocrat also.

Realty Income – This is one of my favorite stocks. It has a high yield and it pays a monthly dividend. It might be a little overvalued now but I’m getting a great yield on cost.

Powershares International Dividend Achievers – I bought this fund to diversify my holdings a bit and it has steadily paid a nice dividend.

Universal Health Realty Income Trust – This a REIT that pays a nice dividend and has managed to appreciate a little as well.

That is all I own for now. It will probably be next year before I have enough money to invest more. I’m not sure what stock I’ll buy next. Since I already own two REITs and two utilities it will be in a different sector than those.