My Monthly Report – August 2011

A lot of other blog’s write a monthly report detailing what happened to their blog over the past month. But the problems with all these other reports is that they only reveal numbers (e.g. stats, revenue, etc). In this monthly report of the Investorz’ Blog, I plan on revealing more. I will reveal to you, my loyal blog reader, all the inner workings of the Investorz’ Blog and what’s happening behind the scenes.


You may think “Wow! How did you get so much traffic!???” Compared to my previous month, my traffic more than quadrupled. The problem here is, most of this traffic (almost 60%) comes from referrals, and 80% of those referrals comes from me commenting on major news websites. Next month, I plan to stop commenting (thus cutting off this source of traffic). Why? Because commenting isn’t a PASSIVE traffic generator. The moment I stop, the traffic is gone. That’s why I’m allowing all this referral traffic to literally fall over the cliff, and attempt to increase my direct and search engine traffic. Depending on temporary referral traffic means that my blog’s base (fundamentals) isn’t strong enough. I need to build up my core traffic sources, which should be direct and search traffic. My goal next month is to get 3000 pageviews.

Thoughts on my blog this month.

Why I’m blogging: I read somewhere that one must blog for the joy of it, not for making money. How true. If the only reason you blog is to make money, then you’ll easily be discouraged when the money doesn’t role in.

My writing strategy: A key component of a successful blog that many bloggers miss is the writing strategy. A lot of bloggers say “ok, today I’m going to add a new post to my blog, so now it’s time to write something.” We all know that content is the key to successful blogging, and by hitting some content off the top of your head, you’re content is guaranteed to suck. I used to be like that. But over the course of July and August, I’ve slowly solved this problem. I usually have a lot of ideas to write about in my head. Nowadays, whenever I have an idea to write about in my mind, I go to my WordPress dashboard and simply write a draft. For example, if I want to write about ‘problems with computer trading’, I go to my dashboard and write a draft with ONLY the title “Problems with Computer Trading.” That way, I won’t forget to write about it in the future.

Another example is my monthly Random Thoughts on Investing. For my Random Thoughts on Investing – September 2011 edition (stay tuned soon!), I created a draft for that post on August 1st (the post was published on September 29, 2 months after I wrote the draft). Over the course of those two month, I add many thoughts that come to mind to that list. That way, I wasn’t forced to squeeze random thoughts on investing out of my brain on September 28. This writing method ensured quality content.

Some of my ideas for posts don’t work out. For example, I wanted to write a post titled ‘8 Ways to Boost Your Investment Profitability’. By the time I was halfway done writing that post, I realized that the content wasn’t high quality, so I deleted the entire post (only the best content for my readers)!

Writing an ebook: It’s obvious that writing an ebook and selling it is a great way to make money online. I was playing with the concept of writing an ebook titled “88 Things Not to Do When Investing.” But eventually, I gave up the idea, for several reasons. 1 – Who would buy it? My site only has 100-200 regular readers. No one would buy it. 2 – I’m better at writing articles than an entire book. 3 – If I were to write this ebook, than all those who don’t pay for the ebook would have missed out. My goal on this blog is to first help readers, and then to make money.

Posting schedule: In the beginning of this month I was wrestling over a proper posting schedule. Back in June, I used to post almost once a day, and as you can guess, the quality of my posts was terrible. So I July, I started off with posting 4 times a week. That got too tough, and then I ran out of ideas to write about. Then, I decided to write three times a week. That too was very tough, so I decided to write twice a week. By the end of July, I noticed that my readers felt like I wasn’t posting often enough. It was also around the same time that my brain suddenly got unfrozen, and a water fountain of ideas to write about came forth. So now, I’ll try to write 3 posts a week, which I think is acceptable to readers and to me.

SEO strategy: My main seo strategy is still in guest posting. It’s the only strategy that works wonderfully for seo (building valuable backlinks).

Gaining new traffic: At first, I tried everything in the books to gain new traffic. I blog commented, conversed in forums, etc. I did a little bit of everything, which in other words, means I did a little bit of nothing. I had no results to show for it. But for the end of July and August, I decided to stick to blog commenting. It really paid off! My traffic surged!

Blogging method: In the beginning of August, I was spending too much time blogging (or thinking about it). I wasted too much time doing unproductive things. So now, I’ve set a fixed schedule for blogging on Investorz’ Blog. That way, I’m kept from wasting too much time on things like checking email 10 times a day and checking my stats 20 times a day.

My goals for September

As for September, I’ve decided to further cut back on the amount of time I spend checking blog comments and stats (to once a day), because September will be a very important month for the stock markets. To further conserve time, I’ve got a few posts scheduled for September, because it will be one hell of a month for my investments. Check out why September will be important here.

Now I ask you, what kind of posts would you like to see more of on Investorz’ Blog in September? And if you own a blog, how did your’s perform in August? Also, thank you to Financial Success for Young Adults for an awesome piece of advice in the comments section.

28 thoughts on “My Monthly Report – August 2011”

  1. “Why I’m blogging: I read somewhere that one must blog for the joy of it, not for making money.”

    I blog because I want to express my thoughts and share my experiences. Earning from blogging never came to my mind. I enjoy what I am doing. If ever I earn from blogging, I consider it the prize for doing what I want.

  2. Great goals Tony. I kept seeing you on the Yakezie members and challengers sites so I thought I’d check out your site. I like the organized and clean look you have. Also, it’s true that quality content is key to a successful blog. Keep it up πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Tonny,

    I came to your blog from I really like your blog. You are doing good and sharing lot of crucial information with you reader.

    I would suggest, don’t give up on your idea of writing an ebook. Rather write a good short ebook and give away it for free to build your own list.

    1. That’s interesting. I know a lot of bloggers do that. But I haven’t really started an email list yet. I’ll think about it more. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Great progress. I like how you reviewed the past month, saw how you can improve, and set goals for next month. Thanks for the reminder, I fell a little away from that myself. Keep it up!

  5. What a sensible set of ideas. I found your site via Daily Blog Tips. Interesting to note that you’re seeking out advertisers. I’d assumed blogs needed to be pretty big before that was possible. Thank you for the advice, I’ll be visiting your site again.

    1. Welcome! I agree, I believe Investorz’ Blog would have to be pretty big (hence I’m holding off from finding new advertisers).

  6. Keep up the great work!
    Something that I need to improve upon is to make blogging goals. I don’t actually have any…but things are going really well so I guess I never thought to sit down and make a list.

    1. I just recently started the blogging goals. I find that they give me a clear target to work towards over the next month or so.

    1. I know some other blogs have found huge success with giveaways, but not mine. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Or maybe it’s because of my niche.

    1. Thanks for the great advice! I linked to your site in the last part of the post (due to your comment’s 100% awesome advice). πŸ™‚

    1. Lol. So was I. It’s really hard to stop, isn’t it? I have a $20 bill in front of me, and I say to myself “if I check my stats X amounts of times a day, I’ll burn the bill.” The pain of doing that is too great, so I managed to keep myself in control. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! There are only a few major news sites that have a really active and engaging group of commentors. I think I’ve reached out to all of them already.

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