My Monthly Report – July 2011

Welcome to my first monthly report for this blog! On the 4th of every month, I will share with all my blog readers my blog stats, investment income, blog income, and more!

Blog Stats for July

  • 1433 visits
  • 1030 absolute unique visitors
  • 2412 pageviews
  • I’m officially PR2!

Investment Income

+6%. This is actually one of my bad months, as from November 2010 until April 2011 I was riding the great silver uptrend (and I got out 9 days before silver crashed). This month, I caught a part of the rebound in SLV (silver ETF). I was planning on doing a short last week because I anticipated a fall in silver prices, but unfortunately, I was vacationing in Washington when silver prices started falling. I’m a really flexible investor, as I can be a medium term (holding a position for a few months) to a short term (holding a position for a few days).

All in all, I’m waiting for a signal to show that the commodity and the stock markets are ready to break on the downside. So far this year I’m up 41%.

My Thoughts on the Investorz’ Blog.

Last month was a pretty confusing month for me. I guess it’s because now, I finally know the one and only direct path that will lead my blog to the road of success. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, and here is what I will do to promote my blog towards Success Avenue for the next couple of months. So here’s my strategy:

Build backlinks. Any blogger knows that building backlinks is very important towards acquiring search engine traffic. Over the past month I’ve been building backlinks on and off, which resulted in a dismal effort. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a big procrastinator. And if I want at least a decent shot at success, I seriously must stop procrastinating. Now, I’m ready to stop mopping around get serious about building formidable search engine traffic. So here’s my strategy. A big problem I’ve been experiencing is that I cannot keep track of how many backlinks I have for a specific post. To solve that, I’ve created a simple table.

This chart enables me to keep track of how many backlinks I have for a specific post, which aids me in my effort to rank higher on Google. It’s a genius idea (I’m so stupid that it took me forever to come up with this idea). What I like about this is that the chart isn’t too complicated where it will take me forever to update it, but not too simple as to show me too little information. Feel free to copy the chart.

So how do I build backlinks? I consider ‘top quality backlinks’ as guest posting on a site that’s at least PR3. I consider low quality links as those on comments. One guest post a day keeps the Google devil away.

My posting strategy. A problem that confronts all bloggers is that “how often should I post, and on what topics should I write about?” This is a pretty tough game to play, because one must satisfy both the regular readers and the search engine gods. So I’ve come up with a plan. I’ll alternate between encyclopedia like entries about investment terms (added with my own opinions about them e.g. buy and hold), and small posts that don’t generate much search engine traffic but the readers really love (e.g. How to Invest in a Bubble). Also, I find that if a link roundup is really well done, the readers absolutely love it! Link roundups don’t take too much extra time (because I’m reading about financial news all the time anyways). Also, I only post twice or thrice a week, that way I have time building backlinks.

Building a regular readership. I’ve noticed that a blog’s feedburner count or email list count isn’t really something a blogger should be excited about. Some blogs give away free ebooks as an incentive to people who sign up to the newsletter. Creating a newsletter costs money, and many people  block the newsletter’s email address after they receive the newsletter. The question is, how can I build up a regular readership? Focus. The past month I’ve been doing a little bit of everything (plus a lot of procrastinating). Guest posting, commenting, engaging on forums. That resuwas the equivalent of doing nothing. I need to focus on one or two ways of generating a regular readership. Hence, I’ve chosen guest blogging and commenting.

Guest blogging is simple. Write great guest posts, and you get two things. Good quality backlinks, and a stream of new readers to your blog.

Commenting, on the other hand, isn’t what you think it is. I comment on blogs that have a good webmaster. When I say good webmaster, I refer to those who engage with their commentors. By engaging with the webmaster, I am building a close relationship with them. I also don’t comment on a lot of blogs. I tend to stick to a few. After all, I only have 24 hours a day.

None of the things I’ve mentioned above show immediate results. This will excercise my patience. After all, like Warren Buffett said, he made most of his money from sitting tight. Men who are right and can sit tight are uncommon.

All in all, I’ve wasted a lot of time. I check my email 5 times a day. I should only be checking it twice. Time to seriously improve my efficiency.

I will include a section titled My Thoughts on Investorz’ Blog every month in the monthly report. This not only keeps the reader knowledgeable of what’s going on behind the scenes, but it also clears my head, helps me get the big picture, and gives me something to focus on the oncoming month.

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    1. Unfortunately, I can’t. Even if I were to give you my portfolio report, you still won’t be able to get what returns I’m getting. This is because sometimes, you’ll question my portfolio, and sometimes, you won’t question my portfolio. I had a really good friend who once said “my investment model is right 90% of the time, the only problem is, I question it too much 90% of the time.”

      Even if I were to give you tips on when to buy and when to sell, you still wouldn’t be making the returns I’m making. For example, if I tell you to buy XYZ at $40, then you buy it. Then, I tell you to sell XYZ at $50. You might question my tip to sell, and then, decide to not sell. Then, XYZ drops like a stone to $30. See what I mean? Unless I’m in control of your money (which I’m clearly not), I cannot guarantee you the same returns that I’m making.

      As of this recent crisis, I’m up another 20% or so. I’ve been doing shorts on financial stocks. Now, don’t go out and short those stocks just because I’m doing it. I foresee a small rebound, before prices drop further.

    1. Thanks! I’ll post a monthly report detailing my thoughts for my blog over the past month, and my plan ahead. I also use this as a true milestone for my blog, so that when I look back, I’ll know exactly what I did wrong and right. I also want my readers to avoid the blogging mistakes I made.
      You want to know why most blogs only tough on the numbers and never really explain the details in the backstage? Because they’re afraid of the competition using their tips and tricks. They believe that if too many people use their tips, then they’ll no longer have an advantage. But I believe that in order to have a truly successful blog, one needs to REALLY help the readers. It’s a win-win situation.

    1. I’m working on writing a blog post titled “How I went from PR0 to PR 2 in 79 Days, and You Can Too”.

  2. I always have trouble focusing on getting links, though I can write content for my site any time. I think I will adopt your planning method and hope to see some good results.

    1. Thanks. Could I write a guest post titled “Taking a Close Look at QE3?” The post would detail my opinions on QE3 when QE3 would be coming, and what effects it will have on the market.

    1. I think this blog has been around for about 2 1/2 months. But before that I’ve been blogging and stuff for almost 8 months. And, I have a secret traffic generation method (or not so secret) that literally pulls in a few hundred visitors a day.

        1. Not to worry. I’m contacting Yakezie to ask them about writing a guest post where I’ll share all my secrets. That way everyone on Yakezie can benefit! Because I am not an official Yakezie member yet, they may reject me. If so, then I will write that guest post on my friend’s Onibalusi’s blog YoungPrepro. I’ll keep you updated when I write that guest post.

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