Sometimes Democracy Doesn’t Work

Most nations in the world are now democratic. I hate to break it to you, but there are times when democracy doesn’t work. Take the current situation in Washington right now. They’re haggling over $50 billion in spending cuts, when the government is running a trillion dollar deficit every year. It’s not really effective, what they’re doing, is it? Meanwhile, the real economy is deteriorating, and guys on main street are feeling the pinch.

My point is, democracy doesn’t work when crisises occur. When the enemies were at their gates, the ancient Romans (before the time of emperors) would appoint one man to defend the empire. You can’t waste time debating while you have a crisis on your hands. Valuable time is ticking away. Act now. Act fast. One man leadership. In times of crisis we need a strong leader who can put aside all the babble and different opinions, and just make the tough decisions.