Super Storm Sandy Investing Idea

Super Storm Sandy has caused damages that are estimated to total between $50 to $100 billion.  Even if those estimates are high it is clear that a humongous amount of money will be invested in the areas damaged by Sandy.  Many investors see this as an opportunity and are looking for ways to make money from the Super Storm Sandy rebuilding process.  Here is one Super Storm Sandy investing idea that is easy to implement.

If you go to you can invest in their “rebuilding after Sandy” motif. The Sandy motif is a collection of 14 stocks in sectors like building supplies and generators, which may all see a lift due to the post-Sandy recovery. If you don’t like the stocks they have chosen for their Super Storm Sandy investing you can customize the rebuilding after Sandy motif. You can customize it by adding and removing stocks or changing stock weights. This allows you to basically create your own Super Storm Sandy ETF.

Super Storm Sandy Investing

One of the best thing about using a motif is the low cost. If you do your Super Storm Sandy investing by buying the rebuilding after Sandy motif your commission is only $9.95. If there is an investing idea you like this allows you to save a lot of money compared to buying all the stocks individually.

In addition to allowing you to invest in Super Storm Sandy rebuilding Motif Investing is also offering an up to $150 bonus for new Motif accounts that are opened with at least $2,000. You can earn a $50 bonus up to a $150 bonus depending on how many motifs you invest in. You can visit their promo page for the full terms and conditions. You can also check out all the different motifs they have for you to invest in based on different investing ideas. You will probably find one you like and if not you can customize a motif to make it to your liking.

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