The Millionaire Fastlane Giveaway!

Hey there everyone! I recently shot MJ DeMarco an email asking about some personal stuff, and not only did he reply, but also agreed to give away 3 copies of his bestselling book for free, to my readers! In case you don’t know who he is, or what his book is about, click here, or look below at the screenshot.

I love his book, The Millionaire Fastlane! MJ DeMarco is a down to earth, no bullshit successful entrepreneur who in his book, destroys many financial myths that we are taught to believe from a young age. He divides people into 3 categories: the sidewalk, the slowlane, and the fastlane.

The sidewalker is a guy who drives a Corvette, but lives in a shaddy run down apartment. In other words, one of those people that spend like there’s no tomorrow, and have absolutely NO financial security (because they can’t help but spend more than they earn). These people are always “one something from broke”.

The slowlane is what financial gurus preach: save a little bit of your paycheck, invest in the stock market, live “mindlessly frugal”, and retire when you’re 65. In his book, MJ will explain exactly why the slowlane is a lifetime subscription to mediocrity.

And last but not least, you have the fastlane. The fastlane is a guy that works for him or herself. While the income of those on the sidewalk and slowlane are in a linear line, fastlane people experience, what MJ calls, the “expotential curve” (think of math: quadratic equations and parabolas). In other words, you’re not working for money. You’re leveraging time, the work of others, and money, to work for you. That way, you can retire when your young. No one wants to be, as MJ calls it “the richest man in the retirement home!”

So once again, thanks to MJ DeMarco for giving away 3 copies of his bestseller, The Millionaire Fastlane, to the Investorz Blog community!

So there’s one simple way to enter into this contest.

Answer below, in the comments section, the following questions. 1) Are you self employed, or are you employed by someone else? 2) Do you like your current occuption? 3) Do you consider yourself a person who’s in the Sidewalk, Slowlane, or Fastlane?

This giveaway lasts until November 30, 2011, midnight EST. The winners will be randomly chosen. Hence, please only make one comment per submission (that one comment should include all 3 answers).

31 thoughts on “The Millionaire Fastlane Giveaway!”

  1. 1) I’m currently employed by someone else, but I would like to start my own business.
    2) My current occupation is OK for me, because I’m young, but by the end of next year, I’d like to be elsewhere. And like I said, I want to start my own business.
    3. I am in the Slowlane. I am a frugal spender, and I save most of my earnings. I would like to invest when I am more comfortable doing so (ie: when I have more money to play around with).

  2. Sounds like an interesting book, definitely would like to have a read.

    1. I work for someone else
    2. I don’t like my work (in fact I am trying to figure out what my second career will be)
    3. I am in the slowlane

  3. I am employed by someone else.

    I am a graduate student and at this point I’m really ready to be done with school. I love my field, though, and look forward to working in it for a long time.

    I am currently in the slow lane, but I hope to shift over to the fast lane in the next year or two.

  4. I am self employed and employed by someone else! I am working what I truly want to do while collecting a big paycheck for something I really like to do. I really like my current occupation but I rather be a full-time financial planner/motivational speaker/blogger. I consider my self on the fastlane. Heck I’m on the express lane.

  5. Millionaire Fast Lane is one of the greatest books for entrepreneurs. Would love to share with my friends.

    1. I am self employed, an Internet-preneur
    2. I love my “occupation”.
    2. I am a “fast laner” who is just getting on the AutoBahn

  6. Here are my answers:

    1. I’m working for a company, but I’m also working as a freelance web developer in my free time.

    2. Yes, I like my current occupation – it’s my hobby too.

    3. I’m somewhere between the slowlane and fastlane categories.

  7. 1. I’m working on working for myself πŸ˜‰ I currently work for someone else, and am trying to transition into working for myself.

    2. I like and don’t like my current occupation. As a job goes it’s pretty good, but I don’t want a “job”

    3. I’m in the slowlane, with my turn signal on, checking my blind spot to merge with traffic in the fastlane!!

  8. β€’ I am employed by someone else.
    β€’ I like what I do but feel “stuck”
    β€’ I am trying to find the fastlane

  9. 1. I am employed by someone else.
    2. I don’t hate my current occupation, but it’s not in an industry
    that I am particularly interested in.
    3. I am in the slow lane.

  10. 1. I am self
    2. I really enjoy what I do and have found a way to create recurring passive revenue from it.
    3. I’m in the slow lane (but my blinker is on)

    I already have the ebook but a hard copy would be nice at the rate we lose power up here in new England.

  11. 1) I am employed by someone else πŸ™
    2) I don’t like my current occupation
    3) I am Sidewalker but ‘need’ to go Fastlane

  12. 1) I am running my own show. 2) Yes! So much so I won’t ever consider taking a “job” again, unless on the brink of starvation. 3) Fastlane. Current speed is low, but acceleration looks good. I expect hitting several bumps along the way, but that’s part of the game.

  13. 1) Are you self employed, or are you employed by someone else?

    2) Do you like your current occuption?
    Being unemployed have its ups but most downs.

    3) Do you consider yourself a person who’s in the Sidewalk, Slowlane, or Fastlane?
    Im broke but try and try to find a way out. So say that Im on the sidewalk at the moment.

  14. 1.) I am self employed, on my journey on the fastlane
    2.) Yes I “like” my current occupation.. but it’s more like love serving my customers.
    3.) definitely on the fastlane by your definition.

  15. 1) Employed by someone else.
    2) Kind of, it’s not a passion but it’s not a torture either.
    3) Right now I’m in the slowlane.

  16. Here you go:

    1. I work for someone else (employed)
    2. I like what I do, but I don’t love it.
    3. I would consider myself a “side walker” at the moment, but working to become a “fast lane”

  17. 1. I am not self employed, in beginning stages of starting a business.
    2. I do not enjoy my job, i am more of a do it yourselfer.
    3. I am currently slowlane, hoping im making a fastlane path!

  18. β€’ I am employed by someone else.
    β€’ I don’t hate my current occupation.
    β€’ I am in the slow lane.

  19. I would love to read the book. I am currently employed by someone else. I don’t like my occupation and would currently in the sideway lane, but would like to be in the fastlane

  20. Great job getting the extra copies!
    Here are my answers
    1) I work for someone else but I also work for myself.
    2) I love my job and my projected career path.
    3) I consider myself a fast lane person who is riding the speed limit until I can build a base of assets to invest from πŸ™‚

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