The New Investorz Blog

As you probably already know I (Andy Hough a.k.a. Tight Fisted Miser) bought Investorz Blog from Tony this week. My initial plan for this blog is to leave it pretty much the same. There are still a few posts by Tony scheduled to go live in the next week or so and he is supposed to write some more posts next year. You shouldn’t notice any major changes during this time. I might add some different types of advertising but I don’t plan to do any posting myself during this time. I’m keeping the theme for now as I explore how it works. After I have a good feel for it I’ll decide whether I want to switch to a different theme.

My initial plan was to keep Tony on as a staff writer after purchasing the blog. Given his actions after selling the blog that have created conflict in the Yakezie community and could reduce the reputation and profitability of Investorz Blog that plan is being reevaluated but no final decision has been made. I hope everyone will stick with the blog through this transition and if you have any suggestions on how to improve the blog I’d love to hear them.

6 thoughts on “The New Investorz Blog”

  1. Good Luck Andy! I’m sure under your direction this site will be even more popular than before. Here’s to a bull market next year and for The New Investorz Blog!

  2. Thanks, everyone. There are still a few posts by Tony scheduled that came with the blog. After that I will be writing posts and there will possibly be a staff writer also. I appreciate everyone sticking with the blog or starting to read the blog as the case may be. Thanks.

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