The Real Estate Cycle in China and the U.S.

Wow. The recent version of GMO’s Insight’s are quite amazing. GMO is run by legendary investor Jeremy Grantham, and his latest insights  on the real estate markets in China and the U.S. are definitely worth a read. He goes over the major underlying factors that determine housing prices, and also provides an analysis on the current housing situations in these two countries. I downloaded the document for you, so enjoy reading!

Real estate cycle in China and the U.S.

So do you agree with his view on the real estate markets?


2 thoughts on “The Real Estate Cycle in China and the U.S.”

  1. That was quite a long, but interesting article. Thanks. China is definitely on the bubble. It’s only a matter of time before it burst. It’s going to be tough to contain the fall out when it happens.

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