The Super Duper Simple Book on Money – Book Review

I was given a copy of the book, The Super Duper Simple Book on Money for review. As you might guess from the title the book is very simple and covers basic money topics. The book isn’t too long and has lots of white space and illustrations making it a quick read.

The author is a financial adviser and uses this experience in writing the book. The book covers five money principles. They are income, expenses, debt, investing, and philanthropy. Since this is a short and simple book, you basically just get an introduction to each of these topics. Another thing included in the book is success stories of his clients. These stories are inspiring, but sometimes hard to believe. A little more detail on how they were able to achieve their success would have been helpful.

The book would probably be too introductory for most readers of this blog. If you know someone who is interested in learning the basics of money this book would be a good start. As of this writing it is only 99 cents on Kindle and available for free at the author’s website. For that price, it is probably worth a look.