Top and Best Blogs About Investing and Finance

Today I’ve created a list titled “Top and Best Blogs About Investing and Finance.” Most of these blogs are run by hedge fund managers, but some are run by a group of individuals.

  1. The Big Picture. This blog is run by Barry Ritholtz, who is a hedge fund manager. Barry offers clear, unbiased views on things ranging from the market to the macro economy, and many more off-topc (but very interesting) things.
  2. Jim Roger’s Blog. This blog is about Jim Roger’s views. All his posts are very short, but are very concise. Roger’s demonstrates very logical posts there.
  3. Pragmatic Capitalist. This is a blog that tends to lean to technical analysis.
  4. Business Insider. I know this isn’t a blog, but a news side. Oh well, I still had to mention it. What’s good about this site is that everyday after the closing bell they give a very well written and concise summary of the day’s market action.

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