Another week for the financial markets. Here’s the weekly Roundup!

Here’s a summary of this week’s events in the financial markets and the economy. The list of links for interesting things to read will be constantly updated over the weekend, so stay tuned!

What happened this week? Find out!

  • Stocks killed on Monday! Click
  • Bad news all around on Tuesday! Click
  • QE3 might be coming! Rally vanishes on Wednesday! Click
  • Stocks fall (again) on Thursday. Click
  • Stocks survive intact after loads of bad news on Friday. Click


  1. Three very successful Treasury auctions with longer term maturities in particular drawing buyers, reflecting no concern of not getting interest payments
  2. Initial Claims fall to just above 400k, lowest since April
  3. Headline PPI and CPI moderate on decline in energy prices
  4. China’s Q2 GDP, Industrial Production and Retail Sales all surprise to upside, soft landing!?


  1. June Retail Sales mediocre
  2. Core PPI and CPI surprise to upside, makes monetary policy that much more difficult
  3. Trade Deficit jumps to highest since Oct ’08, trims Q2 GDP by up to .4%
  4. Refi’s fall to 10 week low, low interest rates losing its influence
  5. Bernanke whips market around with QE3 talk followed by ‘not now’
  6. UoM confidence drops sharply to lowest since Mar ’09
  7. IP less than expected, continued drag from auto’s
  8. NFIB small biz index falls to lowest since Sept ’10
  9. Debt of Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Portugal continue lower with yields jumping and CDS much wider, Greece moving closer to being forced into a default (would actually be good long term)
  10. China CPI rises 6.4% y/o/y, most since June ’08.
  11. Many of the big hedge funds have been getting out this week.

Things to read this weekend about the economy, investing, and finance.

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Random awesomeness.

  • 10 wacky stories about Google’s early days. Click

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  1. Great graphics to present the information. Zynga’s revenue per user is so close to Facebook. Most of the profitable games at Facebook are supported by Zynga.

    Yap, I have played most of them but ever since I started blogging, I barely have time for those.

  2. great graphic… I love seeing bubbles like that. You think “what was everyone thinking?!” they are so obvious when it’s laid out like that… yet they happen over and over. Crazy.

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