Warren Buffet Invests Like A Girl

In order to make sure I posts for this site every week I will review one investment book. The book for this week is Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl: And Why You Should, Too (Motley Fool). Since Warren Buffet is the most successful investor in the world reading about his investment process seems like a worthwhile endeavor.

The premise of the book is pretty simple. The author state that women are more patient and less risk-averse on average than men and that Warren Buffet shares these qualities. Thus Warren Buffet invests like a girl. The author identifies eight qualities of the female investor’s temperament and shares what Buffet can teach us about them. The book is definitely about the behavioral side of investing rather than the technical side. It is good to know both sides. As a bonus the author includes interviews with successful female investors.

The book is an interesting angle on Buffet’s investing success. If you have already read several books about Buffet and his investing philosophy then this book won’t give you much new information but if you haven’t this book could serve as a nice introduction to Buffet and his investing philosophy.

6 thoughts on “Warren Buffet Invests Like A Girl”

  1. I have seen this book at B&N and wondered if it was any good. Thanks for putting the review out there. Understanding the psyche of Warren Buffett is probably more beneficial than the technical aspects anyways.

  2. I do not believe that many folks realize this about Berkshire Hathaway. When buying shares in warren buffetts holding company they believe they are getting the same deal that someone buying shares in berkshire hathaway was getting in the past. I have heard warren buffett comment in interviews do not buy Berkshire Hathaway stock simply put because of the extreme popularity of warren buffett and his holding company and its great historical record of performance the shares generally trade at a premium not a good value investment. Another thing about Berkshire Hathaway that Warren Buffett has commented about in interviews is because of the enormous size of Berkshire hathaway the holding company is forced to buy large cap and mega cap stocks which generally do not deliver real large returns. But in spite of all of this talk from Warren Buffett many investors fail to heed his advice

  3. I’ve never read in detail about Warren Buffet. I know he has many copycats but I know he also wouldn’t reveal everything he does as he has to keep his edge.

  4. The title caught my eye so I just had to read the post. I would have to agree with the thesis about the investing style of Buffett. I have read several books already, so it sounds like I won’t be learning anything new. I am trying to get in touch with the feminine side of my investing.

    1. Yeah, if you’ve read several books on Buffet already this one probably wouldn’t have anything new for you. I like to think I’m somewhat conservative already but I do like to take some risks with my portfolio.

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